ACS solutions for telecommunications
The interaction of the extensive PSIM integration system and Noder access control creates a highly efficient solution that well meets the requirements for modern and distributed solutions in wide networks, ie telecommunications companies. In addition, the openness to flexibility and its flexibility, the reasonable installation costs associated with lifetime licenses create an extremely interesting solution.

The Noder EE12 12-door controller with Noder MD-R RFID card readers allows you to create a system with low cost per pass while maintaining information about all its status.


Control system architecture

The server-client architecture allows the user to create a distributed server system and an unlimited number of stations for preview and management. We ensure data security by using the redundancy of the management server, where in the event of a failure, the system continues to function.

Access control system architecture

The server-client architecture allows any location of the controller (client) in the backbone computer network and also any location of readers – up to 1200m from the controller. By storing information about user rights in the controller, the door controllers work properly even after losing the connection to the server and at the same time enable the collection of so-called system logs.

More about architecture here.



  • One interface for all security systems
  • One user base
  • Central authorization (KD crossings, warning zones, entry of vehicles into the area, etc.)
  • Integration with other security systems
  • Management server redundancy
  • Correlation of events between integrated systems and CCTV
  • Visualization of states of all devices
  • Management of systems from the visualization level
  • Hierarchical user permissions
  • Advanced and fast reporting
  • System stability and data security
  • Native CCTV support and advanced image analysis (including license plate recognition)
  • Encryption of server-client, controller-reader communication
  • Secure contactless card standard
  • Location security and security reporting
  • Cooperation with any RCP system