Guard Route System

Tracking and reporting security guards attendance in designated points

By using the Axxon Intellect system as the Noder Access Control management system, we have the possibility to tracking security guards attendance in designated points of building or area. The module can also be used to monitor the presence of service teams or other operating services in remote locations.

Principle of operation

The configured guard route consists of a Mifare DESFire Noder RFID readers located on the object, which are part of the access control system operating on the site. We can configure dedicated card for a given route or a card of any user of the access control system. Guard route starts automatically when the card is applied to the first reader on a configured guard route or according to a previously configured schedule, which is signalled graphically and by sound on the Axxon Intellect client station. Security guard has a designated time to reach the route registration point, which is determined independently for each of them. If card is not read at this time, alarm will be generated at the client station and it has to be verified, classified and confirmed by the system operator.


All points of the route are visualized on the map of the object/building, and during the active tour they show their current status (point inactive, point active, whether it has been counted in the tour, time remaining to reach the point, reader failure). Clicking on a given point displays the cameras assigned to them from CCTV system of the object. Up to four cameras can be assigned to each of the points, which will be automatically displayed to the operator after the card has been applied to the given route reader by the guard or in case of a route alarm. You can use any camera connected to any server in the Axxon’s system. In the case of PTZ cameras, you can also define a preset that will be called in the these situations.


All events are saved and correlated with the video archive. It is also possible to generate reports on the route, route point or card.