ACS solutions for hospitals
Every modern building, like an emerging hospital, does not require access control as such, it needs a solution that meets specific requirements. A modern solution with a high standard of security that can be quickly adapted to changing needs. Modern access control systems today are not just controllers, readers and cards. It is mainly a complex system based on a structured network with an appropriate degree of encryption of server-controller-reader-card communication, integration with elevators and other security systems. Without the interaction of all these systems based on an integrating system, we cannot speak of a system that is not only modern but also safe.

The Noder access control system works on the basis of an integration platform that fully manages controllers, readers, users and reports. It is ready to meet non-standard requirements, which, for example, gives the possibility to expand the system with barcode readers and integration with the queue system, so that people can enter the zone, to which access is provided by the KD system.


One clear interface for all security systems, enabling security staff to react quickly.
Integration with other security systems and central authorization of system administrators. Common user base for all security systems.
Very fast operation and high security, eg no possibility to assign unauthorized cards to the system.
Independent granting of rights to employees and employees of third parties together with automatic reporting.
Possibility of reporting according to movement in areas (eg movement on floors, departments, etc.).
Correlation of events between integrated systems and CCTV.
Encryption of server-client, controller-reader communication.
Secure contactless card standard.
Location security and security reporting.
Cooperation with any RCP system.
Possibility of merging different access control systems into one system.
Integration and connection to the elevator system.