NFC & DESFire MDN-R reader

MIFARE Classic / DESFire Reader with NFC

The solution dedicated to access control systems requiring the highest level of security. Made of durable polycarbonate the reading housing maintains a uniform design for the entire series of products. The device cooperates with any access control system using RS-485 or Wiegand data transmission standard through a dedicated protocol. DESFire is a modernized in relation to MIFARE a better secured transmission between the reader and the transponder. The DESFire support used in the device is fully compilant with the older MIFARE standard (including sector readings) and has the ability to read CSN numbers from MIFARE DESFire Cards and NFC tags. To ensure maximum security of access control system for each end-user individual transmission keys are generated.

The device works with a specialized program that allows you to create your own security policy for readers and cards including: credential profiles, formats, unique identifiers and configuration of readers through programming cards. The programming system of transponders / cards / ID tags and readers is intented for issuing and personalizing proximity transponders and dedicated RFID readers. The advanced program allows you to manage custom configurations and create individual reader settings.

Interface RF: ISO/IEC 14443 TYPE A
Accordance with ISO/IEC 7816


  • certificate EAL4 + (hardware and software);
  • unique serial number;
  • optional, random ID to increase;
  • security and privacy;
  • mutal three-step authorization;
  • authorization in accordance with ISO/IEC7816-4;
  • 1 master key for card and 14 keys for application;
  • encryption AES;
  • encryption DES;
  • data encryption between card and reader;
  • application level authentication;
  • hardware ‘watchdog’;
  • secure file system;
  • backward compatibility:
  • MF3ICD40: 4 byte MAC, CRC 16;